Manufacture of custom games and inflatable structures

Let us custom create the inflatable structure or game of your dreams!

Let yourself be surprised by the creativity and ingenuity of our Proludik team in the design of a game or an inflatable structure that will combine your products and services with a most original form of pleasure.

Because it will go off the beaten track and surprise with its audacity, your inflatable structure will be a powerful marketing tool , accessible at all times, while being original and fun for its users.

Do you have an idea in mind? We are here to help you !

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We put all our know-how to work to create a game or a structure in your image.

Our team is proud to offer unique, inflatable or non-inflatable, robust, quality and creative solutions.

Proludik has its own manufacturing workshop right here in Quebec!

The possibilities of the design and functions of an inflatable structure are endless. What you have in mind, Proludik can create it!

Its creative and competent team is not afraid of challenges.

Thanks to Proludik, you have the opportunity to stand out like never before with a custom-made and captivating inflatable structure!

Your needs are our goals, your constraints are our challenges!

Your visibility is an asset to your success, whether it is to display your brand image at an event, or to distinguish yourself through activities and extraordinary means of visibility.

At Proludik we have the winning and remarkable recipes you need to help you do so. Tell us who you are, we’ll be there to support you!

Your inflatable project is the result of a team effort!

You participate in the analysis of your needs and the validation of technical specificities. Knowing your constraints and considering your objectives in the overall design process allows our team to manufacture a custom product!

In addition, Proludik offers excellent support in parts and services, to allow you to keep your structure for a long time.